Transmark History

In 2001 Transmark began operations with 5 rail tracks (15,000 feet), a high-throughput dual lane 25,000 bushels per hour drag conveyer train to truck loading system, and a shuttle wagon. Transmark was originally built to handle large amounts of inbound commodities to supply the large cattle feeding industry in Southern Alberta.

Transmark's owners, Ronald K. Heggie and Larry Nolan had the foresight and vision while designing the original layout to allow for easy and rapid expansion of their 65 acre site. Transmark worked very closely with Canadian Pacific Railway to create a private rail siding that would allow for optimal fluidity and growth for both the Railroad and Transmark. Transmark has seen tremendous growth and expansion since it opened. Listed Below are some major milestones in Transmark's history:

-In 2004 the Wind Energy Sector and Canadian Pacific Railway began to utilize Transmark to store and unload windmill components.

-In 2006 Transmark began to store rail cars for various customers.

-In 2007 Transmark expanded by 5 tracks adding 8,000 feet.

-In 2008 Lethbridge Inland Terminal Ltd. opened for business. Lethbridge Inland Terminal is located next door to Transmark and both companies share Canadian Pacific Mainline switch access. Lethbridge Inland Terminal is a producer owned 42,000 Metric Tonne (1.5 million Bushel) high throughput grain elevator that had a capital cost of over 24 million. Transmark and R.K. Heggie Grain were the founders of this project and are major owners today.

-In 2009 Transmark built 7 tracks adding 14,000 feet.

-In 2010 Transmark built 3 tracks adding 5,000 feet.

-In 2011 Transmark constructed a lay down area consisting of 22 acres. This area was leveled and graveled to the specifications of our windmill customers.

Commodity Transloading Wind Energy Over Dimensional Car Storage Crane Service & Switching Lay Down Area

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