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Transmark is located in the heart of Southern Alberta, just 10 minutes from Lethbridge. Transmark has built this private rail siding off a Canadian Pacific Railroad mainline. This "first class" facility can accommodate a full unit train off the mainline and has storage capacity for up to 600 rail cars. Transmark sits on 65 acres has 20 tracks including 2 high throughput capacity unload tracks for commodity unloading.

Transmark has been able to grow with Alberta's wind energy sector and has recently constructed a 22 acre lay down area. Some of Alberta's largest windmill projects were transloaded, staged, and stored at our railsite.

Transmark can accommodate a broad spectrum of inbound and outbound railroad projects. We have onsite crane and car switching services as well as access to a private trucking fleet.

Transmark sees no slow down in its future and will continue to grow and serve the many industries it supports.

Commodity Transloading Wind Energy Over Dimensional Car Storage Crane Service & Switching Lay Down Area

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